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Customers share their stories of vanquished smells, thanks to the Moso Bag. Have a story of your own? Please pass it along!





Mini Moso Bags voted The Best Non-Spray Shoe Deodorizer by ProductAdvisor.com
"Air purifying bags are becoming an increasingly popular way to remove unpleasant lingering smells from lots of things in life, and in the case of shoe odors, the Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags are the best out there. While we believe sprays do a slightly better job at eliminating the tougher odors, these air purifying bags still do a stellar job and would be the perfect choice for those who don’t want to deal with residue that may come with using sprays."


“My apartment is in the best shape it has ever been because of Moso. This product is a must have for anyone looking for results!”

“…I have a tiny 420 sq ft apartment with 3 rooms, and my biggest concern was the safety of my pet birds, which can not tolerate any sprays or chemicals in the air. The reviews and my desire for a natural alternative that would not cover up smells pushed me to give this a try despite my thinking ‘what can a little bean bag looking thing possibly do?’ I tried this under my bathroom sink (a big musty smell test in a 120 yr old house during a very humid summer) and YES it worked. Later I tried it in my living room on what I consider the MEGA TEST! Something smelled like it had died! The smell was horrific…and in less than 24 hrs the smell was almost gone, but I was still hunting for the dead thing which turned out to be a bat that died in my ac unit! After removing the poor little critter & nearly passing out from the smell I put a bag next to the smelly ac unit and IN 6 HRS THE SMELL WAS GONE! If you are sensitive to smells like I am and want a natural and safe alternative for your family and pets this is a great choice…”

“This packaging of charcoal is SO convenient! It's very portable and not messy at all. It’s really effective too! It is hard to describe, but it works. If you are suffering from symptoms related to air quality, I recommend this product as it is so easy to use – there's no mess involved...”

“…I was desperate to get rid of the pet/man/everyday-type house smells, and my walk-in closet reeked of dead mouse for months after one died up in the attic above it…There was also this humid feeling and a musty kind of smell that was new, although that might have been more residual Mickey. I tried everything…Nothing worked until I tried these charcoal bags. Whodda thunk?...I figured that, worse case, it might reduce the Mickey smell to a somewhat tolerable, non-gag-inducing stench, but they actually went beyond my expectations. I noticed a small yet noticeable improvement within the first 24 hours, and every day I'd start sniffing out dramatic results. It had actually turned into a mini game of mine, almost like Christmas. By Day 3, the dead rodent smell was gone from the closet, with only small traces of whatever musty, humid odor I kept smelling, which was nearly gone as well. I was thrilled…The smell was pretty much gone by Day 5 and is now really gone today on Day 7. I'm thrilled and can now leave my closet door open without gagging to death – something I haven't been able to do for a very long time…I'm already raving about it to my friends and family, and I definitely plan to order some more…”

“Awesome, it actually works, got the smell of smoke out of my room.”

“I recently bought a Moso charcoal air purifying bag for a ‘problem’ understairs cupboard and it has proved very good at dealing with the mustiness that persists even with leaving the door open. Simple lack of air circulation is the cause but of necessity the cupboard is densely packed. The Moso Bag is the best solution I have yet found.”

“Okay, I have NO clue how this can possibly be working...but it is. I threw the bag next to the cat's litter box and...the strong urine smell is not noticeable anymore.”

“My college apartment has been reeking of chives, which I wouldn't mind if I was actually chopping chives and cooking, but the smell has been lingering for a month since I lasted used chives. My apartment also tends to be pretty humid, which makes the smell worse, and causes some mold and mildew to appear, which would affect my asthma before we cleaned up the mold. So when I got the bag, I just placed it on the kitchen table, and in three days, I noticed that there was no smell when I entered the apartment. And since my asthma is very reactive, I was also able to notice that the air was much dryer and I did not have as much trouble breathing as I normally would when I step inside.”

“I had my doubts about the Moso Bags in handling some tough pet odors. I purchased 4 of them and placed them in various places around the house (2 upstairs and 2 downstairs). It is amazing that they really do work. The odors disappear within a few days. I have been most pleased and would absolutely order these again.”

“I was initially skeptical about this product, but I used it to purify a musty bedroom, and after about a week, the stale odor was gone…This product does the job and I can recommend it to others to give it a try.”

“I wasn’t sure this bag would actually get rid of smoke and pet odors in my basement, but after a few days the smells were gone. This did the trick better than incense and candles I had been trying. Great product and will be buying more in the future.”

“I have used the large and small version of this product in several homes in New Orleans. They are great for bathrooms, kitchens, pet areas and rooms that are (occasionally) smoked in. Hung high, there are good for smells that linger in this human climate.”

“Works great! I purchased this product as an eco-friendly and health conscious alternative to traditional air fresheners. We use it in my small daughter's room where we keep a diaper pail with her cloth diapers waiting to be washed. It can create quite the smell when it gets close to washing time – but since I bought this product I have not noticed a smell at all. Works wonderfully, would highly recommend.”

“After smelling the litterbox for nearly two months despite diligent daily cleaning, I decided to give the Moso Bag a try. Within a day, the small bathroom where the catbox resides smelled better. After a week, you could no longer smell any trace of the litterbox. This little bag saved my house from smelling like kitty litter, highly recommend!”

“Used this for our carpeted upstairs. Our cats and dog like to sleep there and over the years it has gotten to smell pretty funky. This bag is amazing!!!! It absorbed the odor almost overnight...Also put two in our basement and now it doesn't smell musty. And the basement has dirt floor-that tells you how good this is!!”

“I'm constantly working around toxic aromas from glues, paints, sealants and things of the sort. The Moso Bags actually clear the fumes from the air! Within 24 hours the smell decreases significantly more than before I had the bags. I placed the small bag in my cabinets to get rid of pantry moths, and in my fridge instead of baking soda to keep the stink from my 4 day old casserole from leaching into other foods.”

“Great for the litterbox area. Since we have a small house, the odors can be hard to mask. After putting the air purifying bag in the closet where the litterbox is located, I have noticed an absence of foul odors."

“Wow, it really does work! We have a very large walk-in closet that used to smell like a sweat locker from changing workout clothes and putting them in a hamper in there. I put this bag in there and the smell is completely gone! Truly amazing! I would highly recommend this product for removing stale sweaty smells.”

“This is a fantastic product! I noticed a difference in only a single day.”

“The effects are drastic and fast from this great product.”

“I used this product in my home and it COMPLETELY eliminated all foul odors. HIGHLY recommend. Love that it’s all natural too. A+++++ seller!!!!”

“Use this in the car to keep ‘eau de wet dog’ at bay. Having tried many car air fresheners that only masked the odour or sometimes added to it, the Moso Bag actually neutralizes all doggy (& other) odours…this product really works!”

“I moved into a rental within the last month that smelled just awful! Curry and armpit…We had the duct system cleaned, carpets cleaned, walls painted, all the appliances were pulled out and cleaned. I used ammonia, de-greaser, you name it and we did it. The smell…was most strongly around the oven and the sink. When you walked in the house, you would notice an odor. I bought a Moso Bag, not really believing it would work, but thinking it can’t make the smell worse. I WAS WRONG. I have had it on top of the stove for three days and each day I walked in the house after work and I DID NOT NOTICE the smell!!

“This actually works!! You can put it in the fridge, next to your smelly dog, and near your cat litter…”

“This is the best odour product I have used. I tried everything to remove the mouldy smell from an old cupboard and nothing worked until I used this. Delighted with purchase.”

“I have atopic dermatitis and I can not seem to completely get rid of the air born mold spores…The only way to keep it in control was to take an oral steroid, a topical steroid and an antihistamine. I hate taking steroids. So I decided to take the natural route. I tried everything including extremely expensive air purifiers and nothing worked. I have had the bamboo charcoal in my home for about a month and I have no skin issues. It is the only thing I am using…I can finally sit in my home without my skin being irritated.”

“These Moso Bags are a brilliant invention in my opinion, because they are both eco-friendly and extremely beneficial to our health! You can just throw a Moso Bag on your desk and it will absorb up all the junk in the air! When I asked Zack, our warehouse manager, about these, he said, ‘Whatever was gunkifying my office was removed after a day or so of this. These things are awesome!"

“Purchased for the dog’s room and my office, since she hangs out in both and they had started to smell a bit ‘doggy.’ After two days, both rooms now smell clean and fresh again.”

“Hung it in a closet that had had a mold odor from a leak (now repaired). The smell was getting into my clothing and was disgusting. I was frankly amazed that the Moso works! Odors gone from the closet and from my clothes.”

“Works as advertised. Keeps my room smelling nice and fresh when I get home!”

“I was tired of opening my car door and being greeted with the most disgusting and foul smell. I had attempted to rid of it (and refresh) many times. I attempted moving my ionic breeze into it overnight...did not work. And I attempted to move my essential oil diffuser in for a couple of hours, and that didn't work either!!! I was really hopeful I'd see a difference with this!…Within a week, improvement was DRASTIC, and now, it is such a pleasure to open my car door...not so much that it smells fresh, but that it DOESN’T show any sign ever of any concerning smell. And let me tell you what confidence it brings, to be able to invite someone in my car now!!!! ZERO CONCERNS, AND 100% CONFIDENCE!...I am really delighted with this product!”

“This thing is amazing. I just stick it in my gym bag and come back to an absolutely odorless bag, even after forgetting it in the car with damp clothes over a weekend. Also keeps my running shoes smelling fresh...”

“I am quite impressed with this product…I put it in a room with 2 closets that have smelly shoes in them. It took about an hour or so and I came back to a fresh smelling room. In the past no amount of baking powder (I left an opened container in the closet) or air freshener would cover the smell. Now, the room is very pleasant.”

“When we bought a house recently we inherited a very odd smell in one of the rooms. No amount of cleaning or shampooing of carpets seemed to help. 2 days with this Moso Bag and it was gone completely.”

“100% bamboo charcoal. This stuff neutralizes, musty and stale odors disappear, with no toxic perfumery. I ordered one to try out, now ordering one for each room and the car. Safe for pets…my new favorite air freshener.”

“This product really does work. I keep one in each bathroom attached to a shower curtain hook outside the tub. It keeps odors at bay and mildew at bay. I hang my bathing suit to dry in the shower & I swear it dries faster as this product really does pull moisture out of the air. I will never be without one of these! Especially great for humid environments and homes without windows in the bath.”

“This Moso Bag does what it says it will do. No odors and I had a cabinet where yucky perfume had been spilt in it and it has really helped get rid of the smell.”

“We have cats, and their litter box always has that lingering cat odor to it the minute one of them uses it. The smell wafts all over the house and no candles, sprays, bleaching, etc. can ever get rid of it or adequately cover it up. I bought one of these Moso Bags from Amazon, put it next to the litter box and waited. Within just an hour or two we noticed a fresh clean smell in the area, but thinking we might be hallucinating we gave it another day. The next morning (when the box is usually at its best! gross!) the entire area still smelled fresh and clean and we were all ecstatic!! Really, you won't believe how amazing this little product is, it has magical smell removing powers! Now, when we walk into the house it smells like a fresh new house, almost spa-like! I'm serious about that! We do of course still keep the litter box as clean as possible, but the Moso Bag has changed our lives, almost!”

“I have tried other methods with unsatisfactory results but this product really freshens the air.”

“Used this in a variety of places, home and car...eliminated mildew smell and other strong odors – highly recommend it – and it looks nice too!”

“It really helped to reduce the odor from our new leather sofa set. Made a big difference. Very satisfied. Buying more for bathrooms and closets.”

“I bought this for a hallway that has no windows and tends to get that dank, musty smell that areas with no air flow get. It has worked wonders, absorbing the smells and leaving fresher air instead.”

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